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 The output of your firm is your prime asset.
It is handled and stored by your computers and servers.
The security of your firm depends on effective backup and recovery.

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Company Profile

RealSoft International is a technology leader known for pioneering GroupWare, Electronic Messaging, and Customer Relationship Management.

Our Mission

Deliver the most advanced resources for Windows Backup and Recovery and GroupWare available

SmallBusinessComputing.Com 09/16/2011 states:

"No matter what the size of your business, if you store your business and/or customer data on a computer (and who doesn’t these days?) you need a safe, secure way to back up and store that data. Indeed, many experts argue that choosing a data backup system or service should be one of the first things you do as a business owner, right up there with finding an accountant, a lawyer and a bank." 

Please enjoy the links within the remarks above with the caveat to please come back HERE to find out how best to protect your business, organization, or agency!


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1-800-USA-2150 (Also Canada WATS)
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194 Connery Terrace SW Leesburg VA 20175 USA
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