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 The output of your firm is your prime asset.
It is handled and stored by your computers and servers.
The security of your firm depends on effective backup and recovery.

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Standby Virtual Machines

Fast Push Button Disaster Recovery

Cloud Recovery

Replay creates and maintains up-to-date standby virtual machines for fast push button disaster recovery. The bootable virtual machine is an exact clone of the production server as of the last snapshot. When Replay creates a snapshot of a production server, the blocks within the snapshot are validated and updated within the standby virtual machines and are completely application consistent. This approach delivers cost effective and reliable disaster recovery for all of your Windows workloads including Exchange, SharePoint and SQL.

Features & Benefits

  • Push button failover to standby virtual machines
  • Virtual machines are application safe and support Exchange, SharePoint and SQL
  • Support ESX, ESXi, Hyper-V, Virtual Box
  • Disaster recovery testing without impacting production
  • Delivers standby virtual machines directly to ESX VMFS data stores for enterprise implementations
  • Integrated with Replay replication for off-site disaster recovery

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